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Industry Awareness Society (Engineering)

Industry Awareness Society (Engineering)

     Club Aim 1: The society is a Student Collective at the University

     of Strathclyde, which will build awareness of commercial aspects

     of the Engineering world. It will do so by providing articles and

     advice through various means in order to increase a student’s

     knowledge, engagement and interest in the subject and industry.

     Club Aim 2:

     We will be based primarily on Facebook in the form of a Facebook

     page where we will provide regular articles sourced from around

     the world as well as posts written by members.


     The posts will include information about interesting events and

     breakthroughs relating to a number of key Engineering industries

     such as design, automotive, energy and more, keeping students up

     to date on what’s new in the world of Engineering.


     Club Aim 3:

     Advice from older students to give to younger engineers on how

     best to prepare ones self commercially and give advice on how

     best to approach their avenue of Engineering.


     Alumni visits where we will discuss what best to focus on and how

     to get the most out of studying Engineering at Strathclyde.


     Guests invited from industry to talk to students about their

     company/industry in order to increase engagement between the

     students and the commercial side of Engineering & University.

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