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USSA Collecting for Refugees in Calais


The Students' Association will be supporting the "Collection for Calais" in association with Glasgow Night Shelter for Destitute Asylum Seekers from Monday the 7th of September at 90 John Street, Glasgow.

We urge the Government to step up and live up to the perceptions we have of ourselves as a country that fights against humanitarian crises; that cannot be measured through bombs but in your compassion for your fellow humans in need - we will join citizens across the UK and Europe who are showing their support through action.

We encourage you to donate items at the collection drives taking place between 2pm and 9pm on:

  • Monday the 7th of September

  • Wednesday the 9th of September

  • Friday the 11th of September


Please contact Gary Paterson, President, at ussa.president@strath.ac.uk with any enquiries.

We have been asked to collect the following in the form of charitable donations:

Clothing – Please keep in mind it's nearly winter and we will need warm clothing and we are particulalry desperate for male clothing

  • Jackets - urgent (no wool coats) tracksuits, hoodies, jumpers, t-shirts, joggers, jeans, hats, gloves, scarves & socks
  • Underwear – especially women's
  • Shoes - most urgent - PLEASE make sure that shoes are sporty, trainers or walking shoes, no leather shoes, no heels, no wellies! We need mostly men’s shoes, but women’s trainers are fine too and can be given to boys as well.

Shelter & Living

  • Tents – urgent big sized tents are best as people like to live together and they allow standing up.  We will be delighted with anything we can get, although due to the weather and the constant use strong/heavy/canvas/army type would last far longer
  • Thick plastic sheeting – mainly used for agriculture (they make shelters from this)
  • Tarps and groundsheets – again to build shelters, the bigger the better  
  • Sleeping bags, blankets and duvets – urgent
  • Mattresses, sleeping mats
  • Coleman type stoves
  • Pots, pans, stove kettle (not electric as they don’t have access to power supplies) – some people are making up packages with a couple of pans, plastic plates/cups, sponge and cleaning products


  • Unisex hygiene kits - toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shower gel, body lotion
  • Disposable razors - cheap ones and don’t include these in the wash bag please
  • Sanitary products – pads only they do not use tampons please don’t include these in the wash bag

Additional items such as mobile phones would be welcomed

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  • But check soon!

The Nido Collection

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