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Calvin Hepburn - President

As your Vice President Sport & Wellbeing 2016/17, I have had the privilege of leading the Sports Union to a record breaking year. Not only are we currently at our highest ever BUCS (British University and Colleges Sport) ranking of 26th we are also at a record high number of people getting involved in activity at Strathclyde with 2800 members. I feel now is the time to make a difference to the whole Strathclyde community, the following is my campaign aims:

Wednesday afternoons free from classes
An extra study week before exams
Make the union a hub of activity again
Ensure SUMSA and MSA are well represented

Coming from a sport background, my dedication to make a difference is one of my strong characteristics and why I strongly believe the Wednesday afternoon issue needs resolved. With the exams before Christmas we need an extra week to study before exams. The union with it’s new refurbishment allows us to host more big music acts in it! Finally, ensure our societies are well covered in the short term and when we move to ‘The Place’ (The new union).



Mohammed Muftahu Alhassan VPE

MSc. Advanced Chemical and Process Engineering
My motivation for participating in this election is mainly to help in formulating educational policies in our great university that provides value for the huge sums of money we pay for tuition, accommodation and many other expenses.

My top priorities will be the following four areas;
Improvement in teaching, supervision and learning systems:
We would like our education to be more focused towards the job market, be more practical and less theoretical. We want to get access to all relevant industry software and tools for practice to help us prepare adequately for the job market.

Reduced accommodation costs:
Why are we more comfortable living in private accommodation than in school accommodation? The status quo must change. University accommodation must be more affordable, and yet provide us better security.

Increased enrolment for international students:
I would like to champion the proposal of educational policies that will help increase the enrolment of international students, and help them contribute their portion to the development of Scotland and the UK for providing them the opportunity for an international education.

General students’ welfare:
I am also very passionate about improvements in students’ welfare, and preparing them to be great ambassadors for our noble institution.


Taylor Wong VPD

Background: International student from Hong Kong, understands the needs of the underrepresented groups in Strathclyde, actively participating into society affairs to promote an equal and safe university environment for students to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Experiences: Strath TV, Enactus Strathclyde, TedxStrathclyde, Chinese Students and Scholars Associations, Strathclyde International Society

Union LGBT party night each semester

Pop up food stalls with cuisines celebrating different culture each month

Local Buddy program for new arrivals

Strengthening career service for postgrads and internationals

Interfaith experience programs for different faiths and races

Fight for campus halls prioritization to internationals as well as improvements of living conditions

Lobbying for academic fee waivers for internationals as well as discounts for returning overseas master students

Redevelopment of language exchange events, e.g. language cafe

Strengthening academic and mental support for postgraduate and mature students

Providing more volunteering opportunities for students on refugee’s issues




Liam McCabe VPVD


– Create a Dragon’s Den competition for student entrepreneurs, creating opportunities and building new relationships with the university.
– Campaign for a safer, night time campus; replacing broken bulbs, investing in LED and increasing security!
– Work with the university to open up languages and exchange opportunities for less advantaged students!

– Work with other Glasgow unis and colleges to create the biggest Fresher’s Week Events anywhere in Scotland.
– Continue successful efforts for a student owned, student, operated, housing cooperative; providing cut rent costs to students who need it most!
– Improving our ethical and environmental standards; pursuing Fairtrade status, reducing waste, better recycling and more ethical consumption.

– Union discount cards for student volunteers, rewarding hard work.
– A range of new workshops; giving guidance to student groups and new skills for student development.
– Create a new volunteering certificate with the careers service; adding university legitimacy to your volunteering hours!
– A better Clubs & Socs website, making it easier than ever to manage your student group, building on my successful reforms.



Habibul Liton VPSW

– Increase the funding the Sports Union gets from the Student Union
– Increase funding for clubs by reaching out to more sponsors for the Sports Union by reaching out to local businesses
– Make the Sports Exec more publicly known as well as a restructuring of the exec so it is more beneficial for the Sports Union
– Better Kit Sponsor relationship
– More free courses available for students (e.g. First Aid)
– A better Physio relationship and offer free classes (e.g. foam rolling), as well as a student discount when using Physio
– Kettles and Microwaves
– Setting up a support system welcoming athletes to talk about their mental health problems.
– Drop in clinic for committee members
– Have a good relationship with the staff of the Sports Union
– I’m knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the Sports as I’ve been on the exec for 2 years
– Organised the sports ball this year, been working with a £30,000 budget
– Clarity relayed to club captains about why the income is what it is from finance requests.
– Encourage clubs to host more recreational sessions to increase membership
– Second semester Refreshers Fair


Keith Burns VPS


Hi there! My name is Keith and I am running for Vice President of Support because I am passionate about tackling student poverty along with many of the significant issues you, the student body, have identified within student services. Through my experiences in Strathclyde and work outside, I have recognised opportunities to better support you guys, particularly within our Mental Health services, Student Accommodation, Widening Access and International Student support.
My Experience
Within the University I have been on committees for both the Mature Students’ Association and LGBT+ Society. I have also been a member of the Student Carers’ Committee that is organised and run by widening access. I have also spent the last two and lobbying for student carers
Issues I will work on
If I am elected, there are various issues that I will work on including:

  • Improvement and increased funding of mental health services so that they reflect how you, the student body use them.
  • Increase promotion and availability of cheap affordable student accommodation
  • Work with the Union, the University and other organisations to further support students from widening access backgrounds.
  • Ensure that International and EU students are well supported in times of financial hardship.



Over the course of the year, the Executive will be meeting all incoming students at various events and activities. They want to tell you all about what the Students' Association is and does - more importantly, they want to let you know how you can get involved and what the Association can offer to you throughout your time here at University.

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