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Green Team - Strathclyde Student Environmental & Sustainability Projects

Do you care about the environment?  Want to see the university do more to make a positive difference?  Do you want to help decide, organise and deliver exciting new campaigns?

Then becoming a member of the new Union Green Team may be for you! By being on the Team, you will be volunteering with the Vice President Volunteering and Development (VPVD) and the Ethics and Environmentalism Officer (EEO) to devise new campaigns and work on your ideas to make a positive difference. You will receive full training and benefit from a number of other opportunities that will make you a more effective campaigner and activist, whilst also improving your employability.

About the Green Team!

The purpose of the Green Team is to establish a group of volunteers who are keen on pursuing green and ethical projects in The Union, the university, and wider society, encouraging a greener lifestyle amongst the student body and more. This will be done through the following means;

  • The process of deciding, designing and implementing campaigns
  • Encouraging and supporting student-facing volunteering
  • Providing a number of high quality training opportunities to all those involved
  • Giving developmental opportunities to members by exposing them to systems and structures within The Union, the university and other decision making bodies
  • Working closely with the university’s sustainability team on a range of other projects
  • Working towards improving our level within NUS Green Impact
  • Collaborating with other groups (such as Clubs & Societies and external partners) to share responsibility, best practice and each other’s strengths
  • And much, much more!

What you need to know!

The Green Team will be recruited in January and will meet on the 19th for the first time. It is there that you will be given an introduction to some of the ethical and environmental campaigns that are already being undertaken, introduced to the university’s sustainability team and participate in ice breakers and team building to ensure you get to know everyone. We will also be organising future training, workshops and sessions with external partners and deciding what our priorities will be for the year by drawing together as many of our volunteer’s wide array of interests as possible.

Do I need to know a lot about ethical and environmental issues to be involved?

Absolutely not! We want to bring together a general range of concerns, ideas and passions as possible to the Team. Whether you have only just started thinking about the environment, global justice or other such issues, or have been part of a number of campaigns in the past, doesn’t matter. Everyone will be new to the Green Team and everyone gets the same opportunities, training and encouragement as any other member. We will benefit just as much from fresh ideas and new perspectives as we will from seasoned campaigners, so all contributions are valid and welcome.

What kind of time commitment will be required?

The Team is open to people with everything from a spare hour a week to people with a lot of time available. There will be a number of different ways to get involved; from distributing information and talking to students, to advanced campaign organising, spokesperson-ship, lobbying stakeholders and holding positions on a committee (if there is a demand for such structure). The Green Team will be whatever you make of it and everyone is free to contribute in whatever way they can.

What benefits are there to volunteering for the Green Team?

The benefits are limitless, from the immediate short-term aspects, to the long-term impact on your skills and employability;

  • Team branding to ensure you are recognisable on campus
  • Registering your volunteer hours to receive certification recognising your efforts
  • Informed of a range of opportunities in The Union first hand, and be well acquainted with a number of groups that provide them
  • Access to free training and workshops in campaigning, activism, communication and lobbying which will improve your ability to participate in the Green Team and equip you with skills for your future career
  • Many volunteers who have participated in similar opportunities ie Freshers Welcome Team, StrathGuides etc have used the experience and skills to lead Societies, be a part of Union policy making structures, run to be a Union Executive Officer or for future use in the jobs market
  • Be a part of a vibrant and diverse team of people who will share your passion for creating positive change. This will vastly improve your social experience whilst at university, allowing you to meet new people and form lasting friendships and connections
  • And, of course, much more! Your time in the Green Team will be what you make of it and will campaign on issues that matter to you; so get involved, and you are guaranteed to get as much out of the Union Green Team as you put in!


How do I get on board?

Let us know if you are interested here! We will email you with more information and update you about the first meeting and everything that follows! So sign up, come along and make a difference!

 Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact Liam McCabe with any questions or for an informal chat about the role!

  • ussa.vpvd@strath.ac.uk
  • Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat: @Limeroo
  • Phone: 0141 567 5056
  • Level 7, The Union, 90 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JH


Working together with the University's Sustainable Strathclyde and key external partners, we have a range of exciting projects happening across campus and we need students to help us make them bigger and better. We are also recruiting for new student members to help shape the next projects and plans for the coming year.


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