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I Want Feedback!

I want feedback!

I Want Feedback!All too often exam feedback falls short of your needs and expectations and all you get is a numeric grade or mark. This is missed opportunity to aid your learning and improve future work.

USSA firmly believes that the role of feedback as something that is not simply a measure of performance, but also a tool to aid future learning, is equally applicable to exam assessments as to any other type of assessment. Even though there are exceptional cases where exam feedback is provided, across the university there is still many departments that do not offer any. 

So what type of Feedback can I get?

  • Model Answers: The provision of model answers can be useful as they allow you to understand marking schemes
  • Generic Feedback to all Students: This could take the form of lecturers providing written or verbal account of common mistakes in exams and what can be done to rectify this. This is obviously not a substitute for individual feedback but can be a positive compliment to addition feedback mechanisms.
  • Optional seminars to discuss recent exams: This can be an efficient way for lecturers to provide verbal feedback and enable you to ask questions and discuss solutions with your peers.
  • Individual one to one feedback on request: While this is often criticised for being an unrealistic demand on lecturers time, it is anticipated that if other forms of feedback are provided in effective ways not everyone will opt for one to one feedback meaning there are less time demands on your tutors.
  • The provision of exam scripts with comment sheets: This personalised feedback allows you to reflect on their answers and consider what you did well and not so well.

The aim of this campaign is to raise the awareness of how many students wish to have exam feedback. Through the use of these stickers this shall highlight to the University how much you value feedback, especially exam feedback! The goal of this Campaign is to get exam feedback for all departments.

If you want to make sure that stickers get handed out during your exam or let us know what your department does, then please contact Rebecca, the Vice President Education & Representation on ussa.vper@strath.ac.uk

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