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Strathclyde Medieval Society

Strathclyde Medieval Society

Club Aim 1: The Strathclyde Medieval Society aims to promote

     medieval life and allow its members to experience a medieval

     lifestyle. The Strathclyde Medieval Society believes in

     introducing medieval life to the public and educating the public

     about the medieval times. To do this, the Strathclyde Medieval

     Society aims to train its members in the arts of medieval style

     combat and any chosen medieval related hobbies, such as

     leathercraft and the making of authentic clothing from the

     period, teaching them such that they could carry out these

     activities as a hobby in their spare time if they wish.

     Club Aim 2: The Strathclyde Medieval Society also believes in

     creating a safe place for members to learn about medieval life.

     However, this is only possible with a trained and approved

     representative or a trained officer and with the necessary third

     party insurance. While Britannia XIV, a non-profit re-enactment

     organisation based in the fourteenth century, is the only

     affiliation of the Strathclyde Medieval Society, those approved

     to lead a session are the Representative of Britannia XIV or a

     training officer. The training officers are only approved an

     assessment by the Britannia XIV Representative.

     Club Aim 3:  The Strathclyde Medieval Society seeks to facilitate

     the attendance of its members at medieval shows so that they may

     display and improve their skills. To achieve this the Strathclyde

     Medieval Society seeks to create a Living History encampment to

     be used and presented at shows, and to assemble combat displays

     to be carried out at shows.

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