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Motion Maker

Any student at Strathclyde can help shape the policy of The Union. All you have to do is complete this simple form with as much or as little detail as you like, and your Executive Team will take it forward on your behalf at Student Parliament. There, it will be discussed and voted on to decide if it will be taken forward or not - simple!

If you have any questions about how this form works or how to get involved in the policy-making of your Union, then get in touch with Andy Ashe, Democracy & Representation Coordinator or the Vice President Education

Here is a sample motion to give you an idea of what's involved

Let us know if you are a n elected representative so we know if you are a member of Student Parliament or not

This is where you lay out the problem. This section is for FACTS about the issue. Please start each point on a new line so it can be numbered

This section lays out what you feel the Union's POSITION should be on the issue. It can, therefore, contain opinion on the issue, rather than facts. Please take a new line for each point so that they can be numbered

This section sets out the SOLUTION to the issue. You should detail exactly what The Union should be doing about the issue and, if applicable, who should do it. e.g. The President, The Executive Committee, Members of Student Parliament, etc.

This is the name of the motion, and will appear on the agenda - make sure it relates to the issue and is clear for others to understand

Please insert the full name of the person submitting this motion in here

Please insert your strath.ac.uk e-mail address in here of the person submitting the motion so that we can get in touch with you

Please write the full name of a student who supports your motion

Please supply the strath.ac.uk e-mail address of a student who supports your motion so that we can confirm their support

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