Past Performance

Inforgraphics Report   September - December 2013

Here is the first of this year's reports, detailing a selection of our achievements and outcomes for our members over Semester 1 2013/14. With a fresh outlook, this year we are in favour of more user-friendly quarterly Infographics Reports, so go on and check it out!


Strategic Plans

Check out the Union’s strategic thinking in our Strategic Plan for 2010-14.


Community Engagement Strategy

We were the first Students' Association in Scotland to produce a specific Communities Engagement Strategy in 2010 and in 2013 published a new strategy to take us up to the end of 2015.


Previous Publications:

Plans & Reports:

Statutory Accounts

  • 24/04/14 Mock Referendu...
  • 24/04/14 Sports & W...
  • 25/04/14 TEDx Universit...
  • 28/04/14 Policy Council
  • 07/05/14 Karaoke
  • 14/05/14 Karaoke
  • 15/05/14 Teaching Excel...

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