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Strathclyde International Society

Strathclyde International Society

Strathclyde International Society

Welcome to Scotland!


New to Strathclyde and Scotland? Read our handy easy to read guide to your early days in a new country. With helpful hints and tips about your new home from home the Need to kNow! Guide can be viewed by clicking on the attachment here or below.

If this info or that contained in the International Society material below doesn't answer your question please contact us! We will shortly have an E-Buddy system up and running where you will also be able to ask questions that aren't covered here - check back soon.


International Society


The Strathclyde International Society has two main purposes. First, and foremost, we want to make sure that International Students at Strathclyde are able to make the most of their time in Scotland, whether that is only for a one semester long exchange, for a whole degree or for postgraduate study. We want you to experience as much of Scotland and its culture as possible in the relatively short time you will be here. To achieve this goal, we run events through the Student Union in order to provide the opportunity to mix with home students on a social level and to make you feel at home in Scotland. We also plan trips to other parts of Scotland, allowing you to see some of the many attractions that Scotland has to offer.

Secondly, International students currently make up a large percentage of the student population at Strathclyde. In the next ten years or so, this is set to rise to 50%. The Strathclyde International Society aims to represent the University’s International Community within the Student Union and also to the wider University. Over the next semester we will be making a big push towards Internationalising the Union and encouraging International Students to get involved, since the Student Union is there for them, just as much as it is for home students.


What we have done so far...

In 2014, we organised

  • Speed meetings - similar to speed dating, you get to chat with fellow internationals for 2 minutes and then rotate; after the first 5 you are highly unlikely to remember the names, but you will probably meet those people when going to do laundry, and they won't be strangers any more!
  • Welcome meetings - meet up and run through who the International Society is and what we have organised for the semester; also a chance to meet other internationals and even learn basic ceilidh (traditional Scottish dance) steps
  • Wednesday pub nights - different pub every week for you to get a taste of the Glasgow's famous pub culture
  • Whiskey taster - tasting the Scottish water of life and some delicious food
  • Games night - not the board games night you might expect - it's all about the action!
  • EPIC Pub Crawl - no explanation needed, you need to come to one of those yourself!
  • Trips to Edinburgh, Stirling, the Enchanted forest, Isle of Skye, Scone Palace and Blair Athol distillery, Stonehaven, Alnwick (Harry Potter) castle and much more!


What do we have planned?

Plenty! Get further details at https://www.facebook.com/groups/834061809941234


Who can join?

Anyone can join in any of the events. While a lot of the events are tailored towards helping International Students experience Scotland, it is just as important that they have the opportunity to interact with home students in order to feel at home and properly experience Scottish culture. It is also just as important for home students to get involved in order to broaden their horizons, become more culturally aware, learn about other countries and possibly even learn a bit more about their own country!


Want to help?

If you like sound of what our Society does and stands for, get involved! You will not only get the perks of being a Committee member (going for free on the trips you organise, free burgers in the Ark after the meetings, etc) but will also join a group of extremely active individuals - the highlight of last year was a Committee bonding in Dublin!

Just drop us a line at ussa.international@strath.ac.uk, or come along to one of our meetings every Wednesday at 6pm in room LT209 in Livingstone tower.

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