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Senate Appeals

A Senate Appeal is the highest level of appeal in the university and you can only make a Senate Appeal if you have already been through the Faculty Appeal process. 

Paperwork-wise the Senate Appeal process is very similar to what you will have done for your Faculty Appeal. One of the main differences at this stage however, is that there is in a few cases a hearing you will be invited to the appeal hearing to speak to the committee and put forward your case in person.  If that sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry. The Advice Hub have years and years of appeals experience and will be with you and supporting you every step of the way!

 But first of all here are the stripped down basics of a Senate Appeal that must apply to your situation for you to be able to submit an appeal.  

You can only make a Senate Appeal if you have been:

  • Unsuccessful in a Faculty Appeal


  • Only partially successful in a Faculty Appeal

Like your Faculty Appeal there are three categories for grounds for appeal for Senate Appeals, namely that you believe there is:

  • substantial new information which was not available, for good reason, at the Faculty Appeal stage;
  • bias or prejudice on the part of those who dealt with the appeal at the Faculty Appeal stage;
  • a breach of the Student Appeals procedure

The University does not automatically have to hear your appeal. If on an initial reading of your appeal they decide that you have not met the grounds, they have the right to say that they will not hear it. It is therefore very important that you include in your appeal letter all of the information that you want the University to consider.

Just the same as with Faculty Appeals we are here to help you with your letter, to discuss with you what new evidence you might be able to use, and to talk you through the appeals process.  They will help you to prepare for the meeting, and discuss with you what kind of questions the panel might ask. They are also able to accompany and/or represent you at the appeals hearing - something University’s Support Services staff are not able to do.  The Advice Hub have loads of experience with representing students so know what to expect and what you can do to put forward the best case you can.

Tips for writing a Senate Appeal

  • Consider closely what outcome you received at Faculty Appeal and the reasons why it was not upheld; is there more information you could give or more evidence that you could gather?
  • Don't submit exactly the same appeal to Senate as you did at Faculty - this will simply not be accepted; your appeal has to be under one of the grounds above. 
  • Be honest - if you didn't tell the Faculty everything about your situation for any reason, now is your chance to do that!
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