Student Parliament

Student Parliament 1 will be held on Tuesday 3rd October at 5pm. The Agenda and Papers are available below.

Student Parliament 1 | 3rd October, 5pm | Debates Chamber, The Union 

Student Parliament is the largest of USSA's decision making bodies. All students can sit and vote Student Parliament, making decisions about campaigns, policies and projects that will improve everyone's student experience at Strathclyde.

What is Student Parliament for?

Student Parliament is the main democratic decision making body of the Union. It is where students quiz the Executive as your elected representatives, and debate policy proposals  

Who can go to Student Parliament?

All students can attend Student Parliament and all students (who bring a valid student card) can vote.

What’s my role at Parliament?

All students are welcome to come along, quiz the Exec, speak on motions and vote.

If I go, do I have to speak?

No, no one will be forced to speak and there is an option to abstain from a vote if you so wish. We encourage all students to come and join the discussion but there’s no pressure to.  

What is usually spoken about at Student Parliament?

The first part will be reports from the President and Vice Presidents on the work they have been up to, as your representatives. The next section will be dedicated to debating policy proposals. These are proposed by students and can be on any topic of interest to students, from proposed bans on bottled water in the Union, to increases in the provision of counselling on campus and exams before Christmas.

What happens with motions that are passed at Student Parliament?

Once a motion is passed it becomes policy, which means the Executive have to take the actions stated in the policy. They will report back to the next Parliament on their progress.

I have a policy  idea, how can I get debated at Student Parliament?

You can propose a motion on Motionmaker or email your idea to We can help you write a motion, so if you have an idea that get in touch and we will help you.  

Please read the motions  Any amendments should be sent by email to by Monday the 2nd October at 12 noon. 

We aim to make all of our events accessible to all students so please get in touch with any accessibility requirements and we will help you.

Dates for all the Union's democratic committees can be found here.

Student Parliament 1 Agenda 03.10.17.pdf113.4 KB
Motion A- Living Rent Union.pdf137.72 KB
Motion B- Solidarity with the Rohingya.pdf138.29 KB
President Report 1 2017.18.pdf189.82 KB
Vice President Diversity Report 1 2017.18.pdf273.98 KB
Vice President Education Report 1 2017.18.pdf189.95 KB
Vice President Sports & Wellbeing Report 1 2017.18.pdf195.84 KB
Vice President Support Report 1 2017.18.pdf402.06 KB
Vice President Volunteering & Development Report 1 2017.18.pdf455.66 KB
Student Parliament Amendment Form.docx41.61 KB
Association Schedules 22.03.17.pdf294.85 KB
Democratic Committee Calendar of Dates 2017.18.pdf220.09 KB
Motion C - Terminate the honorary life membership given to Abdullah Ocalan.pdf138.48 KB
Student Parliament 1 Minutes 03.10.17 final.pdf283.63 KB
Student Parliament 1- Executive Reports.pdf1.66 MB
Motion D- Military Recruitment.pdf138.13 KB

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