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VTO Volunteer Tutors

Volunteer tutors required to help children who have fallen behind with their schoolwork, via 1-2-1 home tuition or at homework clubs. 

About the organisation

Volunteer Tutors Organisation (VTO) is a charity, registered in 1977, which provides support for children who experience difficulties with their education.VTO's aim is to develop and extend free tutoring and support for school age children in the Greater Glasgow Area who experience disadvantage educationally, socially and/or economically. VTO has over 150 young people experiencing difficulties with their schoolwork and who are economically and/or socially disadvantaged. They seek to use education as a means to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, and utilise tutoring as an effective mechanism for adults to help children learn through one–to–one interaction away from the classroom.  VTO works in partnership with mainstream schools and has a well-established process for delivering benefit to the children it serves.


About the role

Volunteer Tutor Role 1: One to one tutoring

VTO target group is children within the age range of 6 – 16 years old, although the majority of children who are referred to them are aged 10-14. Most require help with basic English or number work while some in the older age groups need help with more specialised subjects. 

Prospective tutors are matched appropriately to a child according to their skills, abilities and interests.  In order to best support the pupils, training is provided for tutors – for example, in different learning styles and dyslexia awareness.  They also support staff attending relevant training, seminars and conferences to ensure they are aware of education issues, changes to regulations and available resources. 

Volunteer tutors tailor activities to individual needs and objectives so that support is specifically focused on each pupil’s problem areas. By assisting those children who need help with their schoolwork, but whose parents cannot afford private tutoring, we aim to improve their educational attainment. The relatively informal, but dedicated individual support provided by the VTO has been found to be effective in assisting the student, advancing their studies and inspiring them to engage with education.

Pupils will be supported until they, their family and their school feel they no longer require additional support for learning.  VTO will guide you in making arrangements with the pupil and their family of when you will carry out your tutoring. A successful outcome depends on committing to the arrangements made.

Volunteer Tutor Role 2: Homework club tutoring

VTO requires Volunteer Tutors to support their Homework Groups throughout Glasgow. VTO tutors take responsibility these groups and work with one or two pupils at a time. VTO work according to a code of good practice and a comprehensive child protection policy, specific to the needs of the organisation.  All tutors are made aware of these policies and expectations at compulsory training sessions.  Prospective tutors are then matched appropriately according to their skills, abilities and interests.  


You must complete induction training which can be done over 3 Wednesday evenings or on a one whole day (usually a Saturday). The training covers:

  • Part 1: an introduction to Volunteer Tutors Organisation, it will explain who we are and what we do.  Tutors will be told what their role will be, and the support they will receive. (2hours duration)
  • Part 2: all about child protection.  Giving Tutors advice on what they should do with children if certain issues ever arise.  (2hours duration)
  • Part 3: contains information on Lesson Planning, Learning Styles and Resources that are available to you from the VTO to aid you in your tutoring.  (2hours duration)

Upcoming training dates: CLICK HERE


What skills, qualities and experience are required for this role?

A sympathetic and supportive attitude is essential in order to help the child to grow in confidence. Tutors generally need no qualifications other than a sound basic education in English and arithmetic. Tutors are trained and supported in fulfilling their tutoring responsibilities.  

You must have been resident in the UK for one year prior to application in order to carry out a meaningful Disclosure check.

What is the time commitment expected?

VTO requests a minimum commitment of 6 months volunteering from students (ie: October to April). They do require volunteer tutors over the whole school academic year (August 2016 to June 2017), but understand this may not match up with the university calendar. The time commitment is detrimental to building a relationship with the pupil which will result in a successful outcome. You would be expected to tutor your pupil for one hour per week and should consider the travel time to and from your tutoring location. 

What support is available?

Volunteer Tutors are trained and supported by VTO and can cover travel expenses. On campus support is available USSA Community Engagement Coordinator and USSA Vice President of Volunteering and Development.  


What will I get out of volunteering in this role?

Any volunteering done by students will be beneficial to their CV and employability prospects. USSA volunteers are encouraged to record volunteering hours so that they are awarded near the end of the academic year. Other benefits include:


  • Help disadvantaged children improve their education
  • Have a meaningful learning experience
  • Get a reference after volunteering for 1 year
  • Gain experience with a well-established and well respected charity 
  • Opportunity to become a part of the VTO committee 

How do I apply?

Fill in our Volunteer Registration form

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

 Contact the Student Involvement Team at ussa.volunteering@strath.ac.uk, 0141 567 5002 or come along to Level 7 of the Union Building during office hours.

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