Big Student Meeting Outcomes

Big Student Meeting (AGM)

The 2009 Association General Meeting (AGM) took place on Thursday the 22nd of October and you may know it by its alter-ego: The Big Student Meeting.

A quorum for an AGM is set at 150 - that means we need at least 150 registered Strathclyde Students to turn up in order for the meeting to go ahead. On the night 208 Strathclyde Students turned up, meaning that the Association managed to string together its third quorate General Meeting in the space of nine months.

The meeting proved a momentous one for the Association as it unanimously adopted an entirely new Constitution, opening up a new and exciting chapter in the history of USSA. This will now go on to be agreed by the University's Senate and Court where it will finally be adopted. It will come into force on the 1st July 2010 which means that we will be electing students to the new positions in March. For more information on the Constitution, please contact Al Wilson, Engagement & Support Manager on

There were also seven motions and three amendments debated with five final motions being passed, meaning the Association Executive Committee have specific mandates from the membership on issues ranging from Service-Affiliated Groups attending Freshers Fairs, to the Orbit Cafe, to the brand new Student Manifesto.

Phew! Well, it certainly was a great night for the Association and giving us a fresh direction and exciting challenges as the Executive Committee attempt to put action to the words.

A big thanks to everyone who managed to come along and represent the Students of Strathclyde. A full list of all the policies passed is set out below and the minutes will be posted as soon as they are completed.

Constitutional Amendment  |  New Constitution & Schedules

Policies Passed at The Big Student Meeting 22.10.09


If you have any questions about The Big Student Meeting, the policies passed, or are having trouble with this page, please contact Al Wilson on

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