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Cinema Club

Cinema Club

Club Aim 1: To provide a friendly environment for cinema lovers
     and goers to appreciate and discuss cinema with other like-minded
     individuals. By creating a much-needed cinema society within
     Strathclyde we look to allow our members to share their love of
     films with one another and provide a meeting place for
     Club Aim 2: To provide frequent showings of a variety of
     different films in order to allow our members to see great films
     and broaden their horizon in terms of cinema as a whole. We will
     potentially look to do outings in the future to see new films and
     create a society that truly captures the magic of film through
     sharing opinions and enjoying films with others.
     Club Aim 3: Our aim as a society is to really focus on bringing
     cinema goers together. Everyone loves film in some form or
     another and it is an art form that truly captivates its audience.
     In our view, it is essential to bring another aspect of the arts
     into the light at Strathclyde, and make a new platform for its
     appreciation readily available to all students. We understand
     there is already a film society within Strathclyde but that
     society focuses on the creation of short films and the technical
     aspects of cinema. Our society is all about the appreciation of
     films and their cinematography, not cameras and editing

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