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Chinese Students & Scholars Association






Strathclyde Chinese Students and Scholars Association (SCSSA)
SCSSA was established in 2010, which is the only student association registered at both the ‘Education Section, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ and University of Strathclyde Student Union, there is a close relation with the Embassy and Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Edinburgh and Confucius Institute. During the period of Chinese New Year in 2014, in connection with 9 other UK Universities, the most amazing Spring Festival Gala was held. It was highly praised by the general public and the local media reported about this event. Apart from this event, each year the SCSSA will hold a welcome cocktail party, sports games and outings to socialize and meet new people. We hope that Chinese students from overseas can use their sincerity and the University of Strathclyde’s motto ‘A place of Useful learning’ to provide a positive attitude and spirit in connecting with other Glasgow Chinese Associations to create a bigger community.


Chinese New Year Dinner Buffer---Wednesday 25th February 2015






Strathclyde Chinese Students & Scholars Association

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