The Student Union is run by students, meaning there are lots of different ways you can feed in to Union decision making; come along to one of our Committees, submit a motion or idea, or even run for election.

There are five democratic committees which focus on improving different aspects of students' lives. All students are welcome to come along to any of the Committees, join the discussion, propose ideas and be part of making change.

A full calendar of dates for all the Committees can be found here.

Student Parliament

Student Parliament is the largest of the Democratic committees, which focuses on matters of education and is chaired by the Vice President Education. All academic reps (class, faculty) have a vote. Whether is the avaialbilty of books in the library, the quality and depth of feedback or the impact of the Teaching Excellence Framework on your studies, Student Parliament seeks to generate discussion and action on all education issues.

Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee exists to represent the views of students who face opression and are traditionally under represented in decision making. The Committee is chaired by the Vice President Diversity, has the power to propose policy, plan campaigns relating to issues of Equality and Diversity and has reponsiblity for the Equal Opportunities policy. The Commitee also serves to create dialogue between the various liberation groups on campus. 

Support Committee

The Support Committee seeks to address issues of students rights and welfare. The Committee is chaired by the Vice President Support and has repesentation from students groups that face economic barriers to their studies e.g student carers, student parents, and care leavers. The Committee has the power to discuss issues and propose policy relating to areas of student support such as finance, accommodation and mental and physical health.

Activities General Meeting

The Activities General Meetings have representation from all clubs and societies and have the power to propose policy, in relation to student activities on campus. The Activities GM is chaired by the Vice President Volunteering and Development.

Sports General Meeting

The Sports General Meetings are made up of reps from all affilifated sports clubs and have the power to propose policy, in relation to sport and physical and mental wellbeing. The Activties GM is chaired by the Vice President Sports and Wellbeing.

Policy Council

Each of the above Democratic Committees sends 6 delegates to Policy Council, twice a semester. Policy Council check policy, ensure it does not conflict with exisiting policy. Policy Council can then pass policy, as Policy of the Association, refer it back to the submitting committee for edits or if the issues affects all students, send it to an all student referendum.
Policy Council also hold the Executive to account, with the ultimate power to initiate a vote of no confidence in an Exec member.   


There will be two online referendum periods this year: 

14th-18th November
7th -9th March

In addition to any policies that are passed to referendum from Policy Council, students can submit a secure petition of 200 student signatures to The deadline for the first referendum period is 4th Nov at 12noon. If you have an idea for a referendum question, please come in and speak to us on level 7 of the Student Union building.

You can find full explanation of Democracy at Strathclyde here. 

If you want to get involved but , check out our "How to" guide. 

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