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Dropping Out

If you’re thinking of leaving come & talk to someone at the Advice Hub and go through everything... whether you’ve decided you’re definitely going and want to know what to do or if you’re undecided and need to talk about it, we’re here to listen.

It might be that transferring is an option, and we can talk you through that too. 


Of course, everyone has bad days but if you’ve been feeling unhappy with your course for a while, not coping with university life or decided that university in general just isn’t for you then dropping out all together might be the best option for you.


Dropping out is itself very easy, deciding to drop out can be a whole other matter. If you were really looking forward to coming to university, or if your family  expects you to go to university and you’ve decided it isn’t for you, it can feel as if you are letting yourself, or other people, down. If you are finding it difficult to make a decision about whether to stay, you may find it helpful to talk to someone about it.


The Advice Hub is here for you to talk through your options, concerns and anxieties. We can help you to understand the process of withdrawing from your course, and the implications for returning to study in the future.


 You may also find it helpful to speak to the Student Counselling Service, if there are personal issues that will influence your decision. If your concerns are regarding what you will be able to use your degree for once you graduate, you can contact the Careers Service for advice on making sure your degree is leading you in a direction you want to go.


If you are having doubts about whether your degree is right for you, think them through, and see if there is something else that you would prefer to do. It isn't only 'putting up with' a course you don't like for another couple of years - it could mean doing it for the rest of your life. 

Leaving university at any point has implications on your student funding  

 When you enrol on your course in September, the University confirms to your funding body that you are attending the course. However, your fees are not paid at that point. The University only requests fee payment if you remain on the course beyond a certain point in the academic year, usually around the end of November (although this changes slightly each year, so check before making any decisions). If you tell the University before this point that you do not intend to continue with the year, your funding body will not be charged any fees by the University. 

This means that if you decide you need to withdraw before this cut off point, and let the University know this formally, you will not have used the current academic year's tuition fee funding. This will have implications for the funding available to you should you decide to return to University in the future.

There is more information on repeat funding for future study on the transferring and student finance pages.



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