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Exam Stress

It would be fair to say that the majority of people find exams stressful. You might feel stressed, you might be anxious about what questions you'll be asked or you might just be annoyed by the sudden increase of people in your normal quiet corner of the library.  Equally some people like a little bit of exam stress, it can give you the kick you need get your notes out or do some more reading on that one topic you didn’t really understand.  Stress is part of the

The important part though is that exam stress doesn't get to a point where you find it overwhelming.  

What help is out there?

Your Official Exam Bootcamp Break:

You need to have a realistic study schedule, you need to get some sleep and you need to allow yourself some breaks, plan in some fun things to do after a good day of working just make sure it isn't a big night out that will undo all your good work and spoil the next day too.  In the run up to your exams the Exam Bootcamp Team will be providing some fun revision break activities at the Library so you can have few minutes of fresh air, fun and laughter before it’s back to the books.

Talk about it:

If you do feel that the stress levels are getting to you and you’re not coping very well please speak to someone sooner rather than later.  Any member of the Exam Bootcamp team will be happy to chat with you and point you in the direction of more specialist help if you want it.  If you're stressed out during your exams and need someone to talk to in the evening or in the night remember that you can always talk to Nightline over the phone, instant messenger or, new for this exam period, their brand new text service.

Self Help:

Check out the self-help sections on stress and anxiety from Student Counselling and check out the useful leaflet at the bottom of this page produced by the University's Support Services.


Listen online or download and keep hypnotherapy tracks like ‘Relaxation & Confidence Building’ or ‘Muscle Relaxation’ to help you chill out at the end of the day or when you’re feeling stressed.

Up your endorphin levels:

If you’ve been sitting studying all day give your mind a chance to relax by giving your body a workout.  You can simply go for a walk and get some fresh air or whatever you'd normally do at home.  Once you're back on campus why not take advantage of Strathclyde’s Centre for Sport & Recreation (CSR) to use the gym, go to an exercise class or take a dip in the pool.  If you don’t normally exercise and are worried you might do yourself more harm than good speak to one of the very friendly CSR staff who’ll give you all the advice you need.

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