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Exercise for Everyone


Exercise for Everyone

A major part of my Healthy Body Healthy Mind campaign this year is about encouraging people to become more active so support their physical and mental health.  There are loads of activities on campus that can help people be more active but not everyone feels comfortable or confident to give them a try.  As part of Exercise for Everyone I wanted to give students more insight into what they can get involved with on campus to take away any fears people might have about what to expect!


For the first wave of Exercise for Everyone I've focussed on the classes that are run by the Centre of Sport & Recreation (CSR) as they have a wide variety of activities you can try, they have lovely and supportive staff who will keep you right if you're new (or coming back!) to exercise.  All of the classes have been given a rating out of 3 to for Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Fitness and Flexibility.  A score of 3 means that this the componant is a major focus of that class, a score of 1 there is less of a focus and 2 is somewhere in between!  This will help you decide which classes suit you needs or the fitness outcomes you are working towards.


With the help of the CSR we have filmed all of their classes so that you can watch a video of what you can expect and we've also rated the classed on aerobic, strengthening and flexibility so that you can gage what you're ready for and what you'd enjoy!  Have look at the classes below and give them a try!  You can find out the times of classes and everything else you need to know about the Centre of Sport and Recreation here!

Ab Attack
Body Attack 
Body Conditioning 
Body Pump 
Box Circuits
Cardio Core 

High Intensity Training 

Stretch and Flex
Yoga Sun Salutation

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