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International Student Guarantor scheme

One in ten Strathclyde students is an international student, and for many, finding private rented accommodation can be a difficult and expensive process. Many do not have friends or relatives in the UK who can act as a guarantor so have to pay up to 12 months’ rent up front or use an agency that require a fee.     

A Guarantor scheme, where the University acts as a guarantor for a number of international students, is in place in the University of Edinburgh, Plymouth, York and UCL. We believe that by taking this small step, Strathclyde University would show they are serious about welcoming and supporting international students. 

We, students of Strathclyde University demand : -

• The University of Strathclyde set up a guarantor scheme open to at least 100 students per year. 
• That this scheme should be set up for the start of academic year 2016/17.
• That the University advertise the scheme to all international students. 

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