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Healthy Body Healthy Mind 2015-16

Ann-Marie Kennerley

Healthy Body Healthy Mind is campaign launched by NUS Scotland and Scottish Student Sport in 2010/11 to award colleges and universities, who promote, encourage and actively involve students in events that connect the ethos that sport and exercise maintain good mental wellbeing.  Last year The Union was awarded the highest level possible for our HBHM work and now holds a 5 Star Award!  My aim this year is to not only maintain the 5 Star Award but have such a good HBHM campaign that they need to invent a 6 Star Award for us!




I was involved with the Sports Union as part of the University’s netball team before being elected as Vice President Sports & Wellbeing.  I have always been passionate about sport and whole heartedly agree that there are many benefits to an active life style which is why I studied Sport & Physical Activity for my degree and am also a qualified fitness instructir.  Alongside the obvious physical benefits to being active but there are also bonuses to your mental health and your social life as you met new people might otherwise never have bumped into on campus.




This year I really want to give Wellbeing aspect of my role an equal weighting with Sport.  Over the summer I have worked with USSA staff to plan at least one wellbeing event a month for the rest of my elected year as part of my HBHM strategic plan.  We’re got lots of things planned already including some annual events, some new things to surprise you with and we're buddying up with some national campaigns to bring you some big and bold health messages.  I will also be including my fellow Union Executive members in the HBHM plans and would like to invite anyone who would like to get involved, or has a campaign idea or just wants to be part of the HBHM team to get in touch with me!  The more the merrier!

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