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Mental health


Mental Health:

Everyone will have their ups and downs while at university; whether is it stress and anxiety over exams and assignments, feeling down because of homesickness, loneliness if you’ve not made the friends you’d hoped to or a broken heart if things don't work out with a new boyfriend or girlfriend to mention but a few.

For lots of people their friends and family are enough pull them through the bad times but for others they need some extra support.  There a few options within the University of people who can help you try and work through your problems:


The Student Counselling Service is based on level 4 of the Graham Hills Building. There is a team of counsellors that you can speak to about any problems you’re having in your personal life.


Student Health:

Based on the second floor of Livingstone Tower Student Health can offer support through their team of visiting doctors and specialists if you are worried about any aspect of your health.


Disability Service:

If you have severe mental health problems that are classed as a disability then you should probably have a chat with the Disability Service.  They will be able to help you get measures put into place tailored to you and your disability.  They will also make sure that the right people know your circumstances and will be there to support you if you are having a difficult time.

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