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Working in Partnership

The Student Rep system is a partnership between the University and the Students' Association.

University departments are primarily responsible for the election of Class and Departmental Reps, reporting them to the Student Association, arranging Staff-Student Liaison Committees (SSLC) or their equivalent at least once a semester, and responding to action points brought forth by students and student reps.

The Students' Association provides support to student reps and the Student Rep system. We organise induction training for new Student Reps. Trained Student Reps are more aware of their role and responsibility and more effective in providing feedback and highlighting best practice. The Student Association also develops resources for Student Reps which are made available to them through MyPlace and the Strathclyde Class Rep maillist.

The Student AssociationMoreover, the Students' Association provide assistance to University staff in organising and administrating the Student Rep system. We have simplified the registration process for University staff and are available to help present the Student Rep opportunity to students, assist in running contested elections, motivating and rewarding Student Reps, and acting as a resource for any questions or issues that staff or students may have about the Representation system.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have questions or comments regarding the student representation system at Strathclyde. We are continually developing the system and feedback from students and staff is positively encouraged and taken on board. You can contact us at ussa.studentreps@strath.ac.uk (see also Useful Academic Representation Contacts).


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