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Clubs Executive

The Clubs and Societies Executive Committee is the board which approve
affiliations and make decisions on the allocation of funding. The
members of the Clubs and Societies Executive are elected by the Clubs
and Societies Annual General Meeting each year and also includes the
Vice President Volunteering & Development. They meet frequently
throughout the academic year.

Claire | Alexandra | Alexander| Adam | Kate | Matt

Clubs Exec - Claire Nelson
Hi, I'm Claire Nelson. I'm a 4th year History student and have been involved in the Union since 1st year as part of RAG and ReAct. I am now the President of RAG, treasurer of StrathTV and was last year's Vice Chair of Activities and have also been a Class Rep. This is my third year on Clubs Exec and I will be helping the Media, Arts and Music societies so if you need anything let me know!

Alexandra Costa
"My name is Alexandra Costa, I'm Portuguese and I'm a second year PhD Student at Chemical and Process Engineering department. I recently got involved with the Union through the Strathclyde Portuguese Society. I decided to be part of the Clubs Exec because it is a good opportunity to get involved with the members of other societies to understand their needs and to do my best to help them. As a representative for the community category I hope to be a contact point between the societies that belongs to this category and the USSA. So, if you have any queries feel free to talk to me!"


Alex poignant
My name is Alexander Poignant, I´m a third year Politics & Economics student. I have been involved in various societies throughout my years of study. This year I have brought my engagement with the students union to the next level and undertaken the role as the Clubs Exec representative for course related initiatives. Not only does this role allow me to gain a better understanding of the workings of clubs and societies at the university, but also to share my experiences with you. Hence, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!


Adam RamsayCurrently in 3rd year of an integrated masters course on Physics with the intention for the future to be to carry that on into a PHD abroad if possible. Quite easily able to be called a geek with being in the committees of Strathclyde University Roleplaying Games society (SURGE) and Trading Card Games (TCG) in the past and/or presently. I wanted to join the Clubs Exec to be further involved with USSA and the rest of the clubs and societies available.

Kate Dreiblathena
My name is Kate Dreiblathena, I am from Latvia and am a 4th Year Economics student. I have been involved in the USSA since my first year and have been part of many clubs such as Halls Committee, StrathTV, Strathclyde Chorus, Economics Society and others and during my years in Strathclyde have experienced various volunteering opportunities within USSA. I chose to join clubs exec as I believe this is the most direct way how to influence students' lives in Strathclyde and contribute to the volunteering development. Ithaca not only bought me various skills but also given a chance to meet new people and make a difference. This year I will be overlooking Faith and Culture clubs and societies and my aim is to ensure that all clubs and societies in this category feel respected and inclusive. If you need any support or advice do not hesitate to get in touch.

Matt Crilly
Hi, I'm Matt Crilly and I'm a third year History student at the University of Strathclyde. At the beginning of second year, having been bitterly disappointed with the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum, I decided to finally get involved in the political societies at USSA. I am now currently President of both Strathclyde Students for Palestine and Students for Independence Strathclyde. This year I will be the representative for the Political and Activism groups on the Clubs Executive board. Thus, I would urge anyone within this category who may have any issues to feel free to contact me and I will try my best to help you!

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