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My Mind

My Mind

   --Club Aims--
     Club Aim 1: The purpose of this society is to provide the
     University of Strathclyde body a community which promotes
     Mindfulness, Optimism, Wellbeing and Productivity.
     Club Aim 2: The club will aim itself towards all individuals
     interested personal development within the aspects of
     Mindfulness, Optimism, Wellbeing and Productivity. The club will
     aim to have 1-2 gatherings per week, where we will discuss
     idea/habits/methods which can be applied to the everyday life
     which can help improve overall life satisfaction, reduce stress,
     build confidence and meet new like minded people.
     Club Aim 3: The club aims to make the gatherings as interactive
     as possible which will include different activities (such as
     breathing practices, simple stretching, sharing personal
     experiences, active discussions, short presentations, day-trips
     and group exercising -( weather&group dependent)).

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