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Exam bunching


The Union is concerned that a large number of students are having two or
more exams in a day and a half period. We feel that this generates unnessecary
stress on students and can prevent them from working to their best
ability. We want the University to consider changing the rules so that
having two or more exmas in a day and a half is banned. 

We had a form which people could sign online, or in physical form. On that form we asked students to indentify when they had exams and if they would like exams:

  • Before Christmas
  • In the evening
  • At the Weekend. 
  • We received over 1100 responses, both online and in paper
  • Over 60% of students experience exam bunching
  • Over 70% of students said they wanted exams before Christmas
  • Information was delivered to the University, who promised to work with USSA to address the practice. 
  • The Union got news coverage in the Glasgow Herald. 

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