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Student Safety

Student safety message

Monday – home Safety issues-  highlighting ways in which student residences can be made safer – purpose of the balloons is to highlight areas where potentially not secure in a fun way. Raise awareness of Insurance providers and contents insurance – leaflets provided by Endsleigh

Tuesday – Drinking/ Going out Safety issues – Unit Calculators to help people keep track of how much they are drinking, raising awareness of ensuring you drink responsibly and have a get home plan! Daytime activity giving out info supplied by Glasgow Community Safety Services – giving people a helpline number so that they can ensure that someone knows where they are if they are on their own or feeling a bit vulnerable when out. Highlighting ‘Safe Zones’ as monitored and staffed by GCSS/Taxi marshalls etc. at night when in town. General tips and Advice

Wednesday – Identity and Personal protection issues – backing up the work done on Monday, giving out UV marking pens so that students can mark their property incase they ever lose it or it is stolen. Advice and Tips through the day on keeping your personal property safe but also tackling online safety issues, i.e. secure banking and online fraud and what to do if you are ever on the receiving end.

Thursday – International focused, raising awareness of UK Laws, Customs in different countries for people coming here and people going abroad.

Friday – Review and informal talking to students.

There will be a stall in the Foyer on Mon/Tues/ Wed which will have info and giveaways.

  • Helped raise awareness of unsecure areas in halls
  • Helped raise awareness of what safe levels of alcohol were and how to drink more responsibly
  • Helped raise awareness of how to keep valuables safe and properly insured
  • Talks with University depts surrounding student safety issues continue

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