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Executive Committee 3 Report – 9/9/2015

Executive Committee 3 Report – 9/9/2015


Updates – (What You’ve Done!)

1.      Freshers

Equality Festival event - MSA have agreed participation.

2.      Prevent Prevent
Met with NUS Welfare officer, NUS Scotland VP Communities and VP Support to discuss the issue. Students not Suspects event to be organised on the 23rd October. Event is tentative due to a controversial speaker Moazzam begg. Prevent prevent policy to be passed at policy council

3.      i-Employ
Draft of guide have been provided from advice centre and careers centre. Careers to do a workshop for international students employment in first 2 weeks of term.

4.      Diversity Room
VP Support have sourced 5 computers for the room. There will be an adjustable height accessible table.

5.      Black History Month
Swan and BME are running events and writing articles for Black herstory week. LGBT+ and BME to run an intersectional event around the creation of stonewall.

6.      Freshers
Equality Festival event - MSA have agreed participation.

7.      Halls review
Assisted president on producing a proposal for halls representation review

8.      FOI
Acquired informal data sharing agreement between deputy SEES and Deputy Director of the Strategy and Policy Directorate.


Priorities – (What You’ll Be Doing!) 

1.      Freshers

2.      Confirming international society for equality festival confirmation

3.      Liaise with vice president education to establish diversity monitoring system for academic representatives

4.      Liaise with student experience to request sharing of equality data especially for advice

5.      Creating equality monitoring objectives for USSA

6.      Full working Diversity Calendar

7.      Discuss with exec about feasibility of Students not suspects event due to the nature of the speakers and universities security protocol

Started Stoptober with VPSW – Healthy body healthy mind

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