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Statement on Detention and Deportation of Strathclyde Student Lord Elias Mensah Apetsi

Statement on Detention and Deportation of Strathclyde Student Lord Elias Mensah Apetsi

Gary Paterson - Past President - 2015/16


The University of Strathclyde Students' Association are campaigning for the release of detained Strathclyde student Lord Elias Mensah Apetsi facing deportation from the UK on Tuesday night. Supported by the National Union of Students Scotland, Strathclyde students are campaigning for the release of the student representative and volunteer who was elected as NUS Scotland's Executive Officer for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

Lord faces deportation due to what seems to be a human error, not of Lord's making, in the application process for Asylum following his 9 year stay in the UK where he has grown a family and studying a Masters Degree in Counselling at the University of Strathclyde. 
Student Representatives from Strathclyde will attend meetings and stage a demonstration in Westminster calling for Lord's detention to be ended, and will remind decision-makers of Lord's human rights.

Gary Paterson, President of the University of Strathclyde Students' Association said, "After a human error in the application process Lord, who has lived in the UK for 9 years and has grown a life and a family up around Glasgow and our university, was detained and moved down to England where he now faces a perilous future ripped apart from his children against human rights legislation."
"Lord is deeply commitment to education and his role as a representative of students at Strathclyde, and was successfully building the future for him and his children on our campus, we are appalled that this has been ripped away from him due to a minor error. We are calling on the UK Government to reverse this decision, to uphold his human rights, and to see him returned back to our campus so that he can continue to build his future and support his children."
"We are travelling down to London, and will be staying there for the coming days to protest the Home Office in Westminster, and seek to make representations and contact with our student who has been told will be forced to leave his home of 9 years and his children for an uncertain future in Ghana."
Raj Jeyraj, Vice President Diversity and President-Elect of the University of Strathclyde Students' Association said, "I am worried for the future of our student who is currently sitting in detention away from his children and his family, he has a right to the future he was building in Glasgow and should not be facing deportation after 9 years of life in this country."
"Lord has an exceptional student and ambassador for the students union. He has been shortlisted for Volunteer of the year, set up a job enterprise society which provided part time, and casual work for over 62 students, started and led 3 societies, facilitated 7 more to be set up, and is highly involved. He has helped multiple individuals in university when they are lost or unsure. Students always get motivated after speaking to him."

"As an international student myself, I have seen how difficult the process is to be here, and Lord is here because he is seeking asylum for his safety and for the future he has been building as a refugee and asylum seeking student at the University of Strathclyde. We call on the government to back up Lord's rights and return him home to Glasgow."

We are in touch with Lord and his legal representation, we have been very well supported by the NUS, activists including NCAFC and by politicians who have taken forward Lord's case. We will travel to London tonight to meet Lord and to campaign for his release, in the meantime you can help by following this guidance from NCAFC:


1) Join an emergency demo in either London or Edinburgh which are taking place TOMORROW! See the London Facebook event here, and the Edinburgh Facebook event here.

2) Tweet and post on the hashtag #SaveLord to raise as much awareness as possible.

3) Directly contact James Brokenshire, Immigration Minister: 

privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk /  james.brokenshire.mp@parliament.uk



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