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What is a Faculty Rep

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What is a Faculty Rep?  

Elected during the Big Student Elections in March, Faculty Reps are the voice of the students at faculty-level meetings.  They find out the concerns of the students, represent their students at meetings and working groups, hold advice/support surgeries for Class Reps, and are critical in feeding back developments to students and the Students’ Association. 

How many Faculty Reps are there?

There are 2 undergrad and 1 or 2 post-grad Faculty Reps for each of the four faculties at Strathclyde. The four faculties are:

Humanities and Social Science (HaSS)

The Reps within each faculty work as a team to ensure that there is effective representation for all students in the faculty.

In addition to attending and contributing to faculty level meetings (Academic Administration Committee and Board of Study), Faculty Reps will:
Why is it so important to have students on faculty meetings? 

As a devolved university, these faculty-level meetings are critical in shaping the learning experience of the students within the faculty. Key decisions and policies are created and passed at these meetings and to be valuable contributors, Faculty Reps must keep in regular contact with the students of the faculty, and attend the advanced representation training. They are fully supported in their role by the Students’ Association. 

More about the role and responsibilities please!

Work closely with Class and Departmental Reps and students in your faculty

•    Hold monthly advice/support surgeries for Student Reps.
•    Run consultations with students to find out concerns/feelings on issues.
•    On request from Class Reps, attend departmental SSLCs to provide support and advice. 

Work effectively within your faculty-level team

•    Contribute to Faculty Rep team initiatives such as surgeries, consultations, and campaigns.
•    Brief other team members on outcomes of meetings.
•    Contribute to meetings that other team members are attending by reviewing papers of the meetings and feeding back any concerns/issues. 

Communicate developments within the faculties to the Students’ Association and contribute to university-wide initiatives

•    Keep in regular contact with the Vice President of Education (VPE).
•    Attend the Academic Council (once a semester).
•    Update the Education Forum on your work and developments within the faculty. 

Ensure effective representation at faculty-level meetings 

•    Keep in regular contact with students within your faculty, your team and the students’ association.
•    Liaise with appropriate staff members (ex. Heads of Departments, Vice Deans Academic) regarding issues/updates outside of meetings.
•    Attend Faculty Rep training, September 2016. 

Feedback developments within the faculty to students

•    Contribute monthly to the student rep newsletter .
•    Use social media and online forums within your courses/departments/class rep pages to feedback.

 As a Faculty Rep, you should allocate 8-10 hours a month to complete your Faculty Rep duties. It's Your Education

What are the benefits?

Being a Faculty Rep is not only amazing for the CV, it also gives you the ability to have a major influence on the learning and teaching not just within your course and department but throughout the whole faculty. You will work closely with Deans and Vice-Deans of the faculty as well as the President and Vice Presidents of the Students’ Association. It is great for proving your meeting skills, your advanced communication skills, and your ability to take on multiple perspectives and work collaboratively with both students and staff for a plausible solution. 

How do I go about becoming a Faculty Rep? 

Faculty Reps are elected by cross campus ballot during our Big Student Elections in March. Nominations close on 24th February so make sure you get your nomination form in. It's never too early to think about running so send us any questions you have.      

If you would like more information about Faculty Reps, email ussa.studentrep@strath.ac.uk or contact:

  • Bohdan Starosta, Vice President of Education (ussa.vpe@strath.ac.uk/0141 567 5056)
  • Andy Ashe, Democracy & Representation Coordinator (ussa.studentrep@strath.ac.uk/0141 567 5008)

They are both located on level 7 of The Union building on John Street.

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