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Student Safety

Student safety is the University’s priority. Following an incident on campus, this document outlines common-sense guidelines which will help ensure your personal safety.


The campus is patrolled and monitored 24 hours a day, and campus patrols are being stepped up. We have a dedicated CCTV control room staffed around the clock by full-time, fully trained Security wardens and we work closely with the police.

Given the open nature of the campus, it is important that staff and students remain alert at all times. Any suspicious activity should be reported as soon as possible. Click full article for more safety advice.


o    Keep to well lit roads – do not take shortcuts to your destination

o    There is greater safety in numbers – avoid walking alone at night

o    If you are on your own and become concerned about your safety – call Security. They can keep an eye on you on CCTV and, if necessary, send someone to accompany you

o    Remain alert at all times – don’t use headphones which might block out sounds around you

o    Call Security immediately if you think you are being followed

o    When walking after dark, whether alone or with someone, do not engage in conversation with someone you do not know

o    Put the Security Control number on your mobile phone contact list.

o    Consider carrying a personal alarm (you can collect one from L5 ASK in the Union)

Campus Security
o    (from your mobile)  0141 548 3333
o    (from any academic building)  ext 3333
o    (from any hall of residence) ext 8888

Police (Emergency Services)
o    (from any telephone) 999

Further information
o    More detailed personal safety guidelines are available for download on the University website www.strath.ac.uk.
o    Advice on ‘staying safe’ is available on the Strathclyde Police website.
o    If you feel worried or have concerns, speak to the Community Safety Officers, who can be contacted on 0141 532 3000 (John Anderson Campus) and 0141 532 3516 (Jordanhill Campus) or Student Advisors at the Students’ Association.

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