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Hobbies & Interests

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Argentine Tango Society

Bake Off

Bands at Strathclyde

Bodyweight Training Society

Calligraphy Society

Chess Club

Cinema Club

Comic Writers & Artists Society

Debates Society

Enactus Strathclyde

Engineers Without Borders

Enterprise Society

Gliding Club

Hong Kong Society (SUHKS)

Knitters Anonymous

Live Poets Society

Slackline Society

Strath Salsa4Water

Strath TV

Strathclyde Anime Society

Strathclyde Board Game Society

Strathclyde Brewing

Strathclyde Drag Society

Strathclyde Language Cafe

Strathclyde Medieval Society

Strathclyde Parkour & Freerunning Society

Strathclyde Piano

Strathclyde Pokémon Society

Strathclyde Tea Society

Strathclyde Telegraph

Strathclyde University Capoeira Angola

Strathclyde University Chamber Choir

Strathclyde University Chorus

Strathclyde University Circus Society

Strathclyde University Karting Club

Strathclyde University Poker Association (SUPA)

Strathclyde University Powerlifting Society

Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society

Strathclyde University Symphony Orchestra

Strathclyde Vegan Society

Strathclyde Whovian Society


StrathSEDS (Space Exploration)



  • StrathTech

    A society for students interested in computing and it's surrounding technologies

    Course Related category Hobbies and Interests category

Students For Malawi

The BAO Society

The Gist

The Strath Photo Club

The University of Strathclyde International Culinary Society

Trading Card Games (TCG)

University of Strathclyde Angling Society

University of Strathclyde Investment Society

University of Strathclyde Motorsport (USM)

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