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Statement Regarding NUS Vice President

Following on from a recent documentary by Al Jazeera which included footage of an NUS Vice President being filmed, we have received requests for information regarding our position on the situation. We have sent an open letter to the Chief Executive Officer at NUS.

Dear Simon,

 We are writing to express our anger and disappointment after watching the expose of Richard Brooks on Al Jazeera.

 Our reasons are twofold: Firstly, as representatives of student unions, we are ambassadors of democracy and as such, we have a duty to act transparently, affecting change through the policies, we pass. The NEC policy (http://www.nusconnect.org.uk/shape-our-work/resources/nec-live-policy-2014-17) supports BDS and we believe that Mr Brooks’ behaviour goes against NUS procedures to adhere to a policy that was voted for by student representatives and the NUS democratic processes. As a Union that upholds a similar policy in support of BDS (http://www.strathstudents.com/sites/default/files/New%20Stading%20Policy%20-%20Updated%20March%202016.pdf) we feel particularly strongly about this.

 Secondly, Malia was voted in through a democratic process, this process underpins our ethos and guides our student movement.  By plotting to remove an elected president, Mr Brooks has been acting subversively, organising targeted descent to undermine the NUS president outside of the appropriate forums for debate. If there are differences of opinion on policy or the direction of our movement, these differences should be addressed at the various events for debate and accountability that NUS provides rather than in the shadows.

We are not advocating the oppression of opposing opinions; rather, we are insisting that democratic processes be adhered to and for this reason, we believe that Mr Brooks’ behaviour is not in keeping with the premise upon which student unions exist. Therefore, we insist on a thorough investigation with a view to assessing Mr Brooks credibility and effectiveness as Vice President Union Development, and recommendations and adjustments NUS can make to ensure that the democratic processes, represents the views of the students in the UK.

 Yours sincerely,

 University of Strathclyde Students’ Association Executive

Raj Jeyaraj - President

Raj Jeyaraj | President & Chair of Trustee Board
Pronouns: he, him, his
ussa.president@strath.ac.uk | +44 141 567 5006
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