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Equality and Diversity Policy - Words From our Student Exec

Following on from this week’s publicity around our decision to decline an anti-choice group becoming affiliated with USSA, we are concerned some confusion may have arisen regarding the process for becoming affiliated with USSA and also with how to amend policies. 

Raj Jeyaraj, USSA President explains “At USSA, all student views hold value. We are a democratic organisation which seeks to represent the views of our students and currently, that is pro-choice. USSA fully supports freedom of speech and any group of students can change policy if they use the means available to them.”

Simran Kaur, Vice President Diversity elaborates “USSA has been a pro-choice organisation for a number of years and its members have now made the democratic decision to not allow anti-choice groups to affiliate to this union. This includes groups who campaign for the movement to limit access to safe abortions.”

Any group seeking affiliation or any student which is dissatisfied with USSA's decision can follow the structured, democratic process which may ultimately result in a referendum being held. Please do not hesitate to speak to any of our Student Exec to find out more and you can follow these links to discover more information about the processes and policies at your Union:

How to change a policy: http://www.strathstudents.com/Democracy and  http://www.strathstudents.com/MotionMaker

You can also read our No Platform to Anti Choice policy.

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