Union Policy

Important papers...The Union Policy Document (or Standing Policy) is basically a big book of all the policies of the Association. These basically set out the official opinion of the Students' Association and can range from our stance on tuition fees to our view on the library. These are the views which represent you to the University, the local community and to all levels of government, so they're pretty important.

You can only add or delete a policy by discussing it and voting on it at the relevant Democratic Committee or by Referenda, so make sure you don't miss out on setting the direction of your Union by getting involved!

Policy is held for five years, after which it is reconsidered and a decision is made by Policy Council as to retain it for another 5 years or let it lapse.

Policy of the Association is effectively 'law' within the Association. It cannot be over-ruled, and in any case where there is conflict the current Constitution holds precedence.

To find out more on Union Policy or for any questions about what policy means or how it is enacted, contact a member of The Executive Team

The policies are listed under the year that they were passed.Click on a title from the contents page to go to the full text.

The USSA also has an equal opportunities policy, which can be seen in detail by viewing the Equal Opportunities page.

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