Policy Council

Next meeting: 11/11/2016 - Graham Hills Room 510

The Policy Council is the body of student representatives who have the responsibility for collating policy proposals from the Democratic Committees and deciding what happens to them. They also hold the Student Executive to account, by scrtutinizing Executive reports and the Union's finances.  

Policy Council forms an important part of the organisation as it gives students from all areas of the Association an opportunity to be involved in the policy-setting process.

Policy Council will consider the policy proposals from the Democratic Committees and decide what happens to them within the following options:

  1. The Policy is one which is specifically relevant to the Committee from which it originated and does not contradict any other policy. Therefore, it should be passed and deemed policy of the Association
  2. The Policy is one which overlaps with another Committee area and contradicts or conflicts with another Policy. Therefore, it should be sent back to the Committee for further discussion/refinement
  3. The Policy is one which affects all students of the University of Strathclyde as well as the overall policy direction of the Association. Therefore, it should be promoted to a Referendum, where all students have the opportunity to vote on it

Remit and powers of the Policy Council

The Association's Constitution details how Policy Council works, the Powers it has and how business should be discussed. A full version of the section relating to Policy Council can be found here

The Policy Council is chaired by the Policy & Democracy Officer who will lead representatives through the agenda and policy discussions. If you have any questions about Policy Council, please get in touch here.

Current Policies under consideration by the Policy Council

Policies are submitted for consideration by

Name Submitting Committee Status
No Platform to Anti Choice  Equality and Diversity Committee Passed
Disaffiliate the SWP Executive Committee  Failed

Executive Reports to Policy Council

Policies are submitted for consideration by

Executive member   Policy Council 1  Policy Council 2  Policy Council 3  Policy Council 4 
President  Report 1  Report 2     
Vice President Diversity  Report 1  Report 2    
Vice President Education  Report 1   Report 2     
Vice President Sports and Wellbeing  Report 1  Report 2     
Vice President Support  Report 1       
Vice President Volunteering and Development   Report 1  Report 2     


Meeting dates of Policy Council

Agenda's will be posted one week before each meeting. Minutes will be posted within two weeks of the meeting closing. 

Date Time Location Papers Minutes
06/10/2016 17.00-19.00 Livingston Tower Rm 420 Agenda 1 Minutes 1
11/11/2016 17.00-19.00 Graham Hills Rm 510 Agenda 2  
23/02/2017 17:00-19:00      
30/03/2017 17.00-19.00

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