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Sexual Health Campaign 2012


There is no excuse not to use condoms, check out our De-bunking of the most common condom excuses!
•    I’m healthy
o    No matter how physically fit and healthy you are you will always be at risk of catching an STI or experiencing an unwanted pregnancy if you don’t use a condom. Some STI’s also don’t have any symptoms so you or your partner may not even realise you have an infection
•    I don’t like them
o    You may have had a bad experience with condoms before but condoms come in many different types/shapes/sizes/colours/flavours so you can always try something different.
•    I lose sensitivity
o    You can get ultra thin condoms that barely even feel as though you are wearing one. Or you can get textured ones to boost the sensitivity for you and your partner
•    It affects my performance
o    Anxiety about putting condoms on or maintaining an erection can affect you performance, but the more you use them, the more you will feel comfortable and eventually they will become a natural part of your sex life
•    They hurt or are too small
o    If a condom is too tight it will feel uncomfortable, but they come in many different sizes. ASK offers free condoms in a variety of sizes and have materials which can help you identify the one which is right for you
•    I’m allergic to them
o    A small number of people are allergic to either the latex, chemicals or spermicide in condoms, but that is not an excuse not to use them. You can non latex condoms, or condoms which do not contain spermicide.  ASK will let you know the options.
•    We’ve been seeing each other a while
o    Many STI’s may not show symptoms and can lie undetected for a long time. Discuss your sexual history with your partner and it is important that you both get checked at a sexual health clinic (see below for finding the closest one) before you stop using condoms. But remember that you may still be at risk of unwanted pregnancy unless you use another form of contraception.
•    Putting one on ruins the moment
o    We don’t think of any other part of sex as unappealing so why think of using a condom as unappealing. Putting a condom on together with your partner can make it an enjoyable part of sex rather than an interruption
•    I forgot
o    Keep a pack of condoms by your bed and carry some with you if you go on a night out to ensure that you will never be caught without one.

Click here for more information on condom myths

•    In 2010 the majority of positive tests for chlamydia came from under 25’s, yet less than half of all tests performed came from this age range
•    Young people under the age of 25 most at risk of contracting and STI – Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea the most prevalent
•    StudentBeans Sex Survey 2011 showed that over one third of student had never had an STI test

Getting tested is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about and to help you find your nearest Sandyford clinic which offers testing just click here for Maps and addresses of Sandyford clinics.

Help us spread that word not STI’s - Tweet a photo of one of our posters or our amazing free condoms stickers (insert image of condom posters/stickers) around the campus and win a prize, tweet to @ASKstrathunion

So what are USSA doing to help you?
•    We give out free condoms all year round at ASK, level 5 the Union, 10am – 4pm
•    Watch out for our valentines cards on the 14th – We love you so we’re giving you the gift of safe sex
•    We promote safe sex and free condoms at Fresher’s week, giving away hundreds of free condoms all over campus
•    We will help you find the nearest place to have a test
•    We also promote that there are many options that couples can take rather than having sex – Many people may feel pressured into having sex, but Dating doesn’t have to be about sex (our amazing fun posters highlight that there are plenty fun activities that couples can do rather than have sex)

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