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S.H.A.G. Week

The week encompasses a diverse range of activities and advice around the topic of sex and sexual attitudes including STI’s, contraception, sexualities, relationships and consent. S.H.A.G. week is not just for the sexually active, it’s also for students with opinions on culture,
those who want to prepare themselves for when they are ready to have sex and those who want to learn about personal health more generally.

Sex is something everyone is going to experience at some point in their lives. Putting the subject in a deep dark corner out of reach and out of sight will only increase unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and
makes people think they have something to be ashamed or embarrassed about instead of seeking advice and support.

So don’t shy away… let’s talk about sex!

List of Events:

8th February
‘Rent’ Film Screening
The Lounge (level 5) > 5pm
society will be showing the modern classic ‘Rent’ to attendees of the
evening. For those of you unfamiliar with the
musical, set in the early 1990’s, ‘Rent’ is a tale that follows the lives of a group of young
people as they struggle with drugs, sexuality and the ever present threats of AIDS, whist
trying to pay the rent.

Tuesday 9th February
Student Parliament
Debates Chamber (level 6) > 5:15pm
Meet to discuss the controversy surrounding
the condom posters situated around campus after allegations that the Union
should not be seen to be promoting sex. However, is it not the job of the Students
Union to support its student in whichever ways possible? What do you think? Come and
watch the discussions unfold.

Wednesday 10th February
Consent Workshop
Debates Chamber (level 6) > 2pm
Consent Workshop with NUS Women’s Officer
Emily Beever and SWAN (Strathclyde Women’s Action Network)
talking about what consent actually is and shining a light on a vital component
in any sexual relationship - stressing the right of any individual to
say “no”.

Wednesday 10th February
LGBT+ Sexual Health Stall
Foyer (level 1) > 10am - 4pm
A stall in the Union foyer on sexual
orientation; a complex and delicate issue often overlooked in discussions about

We also have a SHAG Quiz!
Go to surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SHAGWeek to take
part - those with the most correct answers will be put into a
Winner to be decided on Friday 12th at

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