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Student Finance


The Basics

Student finance would ideally be nice and simple, but with different rules for Scottish students, students from the rest of the UK, some European students (but not others!), and a totally different kettle of fish entirely for International students, the only way to make the information simple is to cut things down to the basics. 


Our Advice Hub quick guides provide a very simplified version of Student Funding, so if you have more specific questions that you need answering or you are still confused about what you are entitled to, come into the Advice Hub for a chat with one of the advisors. 

While it isn't possible to go into detail about all the student funding options here, the following sections contain links to sources of further information on student funding for:


· Scottish students

· Students from the rest of the UK

· European nationals and International students


For more information on finance for students with children, see our Quick Guide to Finance for Students with Children


Council Tax


Full time students are council tax exempt but you need to provide proof to the council of your student status. You can do this by either requesting a council tax certificate online on your Pegasus page or request that the University informs the council electronically. Remember it is your responsibility to inform the council, so do not ignore letters from them requesting the information, even if you think that you have already submitted the evidence, it is always best to check!


BEWARE: It is your responsibility to inform the council that you are leaving your property. Do not expect that your landlord will do this. 

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