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Student Finance Survey



Student Funding Survey

The level of funding you have as a student can have a big impact upon your time at university.  There can also be different levels of funding available depending upon what you are studying, what level you are studying at and where you have come from to study here.  I feel passionately that finance should not be a barrier to education and that anyone who wants an education should be entitled to one.  As you are no doubt aware there have a been a number of changes to student finances over the last few years and I that it is important to see how that is affecting students to establish how Strathclyde students specifically feel about the level of support that they have from their funding body and from funds at the University.  

Whether you feel you don’t have enough money, have the right amount or have some money left to spare from your funding please complete this survey so the results give a well-rounded view of student funding at Strathclyde and so that is there are problems I can start working with the university and lobbying for national change with bodies like NUS.  I’ve kept the survey as short as possible while included enough questions to get useful information from so it should take too long.

Student Funding Survey

If you’re currently struggling with your finances or realise you are while filling in this survey remember you can always speak to someone from The Advice Hub about your situation and they will be able to help you work out your options and any additional funding sources you could accept.  Just let in touch with them.

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