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Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society

Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society

Ever heard of Dungeons & Dragons? Ever interested in playing tabletop role-playing games like it? Well that's what we do here at Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society.

At the society we run RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and D20 Modern, etc. We also encourage people to run such games, whether they are experienced or not. Many members of the society are adept at playing and can offer help to those who need it, so don't worry if your a novice at this.

We aim to help introduce those new to the games to a whole new form of entertainment and expand the popularity of this gaming genre.

If you are more experienced or fancy something other than the conventional games, we allow lesser known systems such as Warhammer Roleplaying Game and have even had some home-brewed game systems!

So, if you're interested in coming along, we hold our sessions in the Lounge on Level 5 of the Union on Fridays from 6pm until 10pm and remember your dice!


For more information or to join this club please contact: strathsurge@hotmail.co.uk

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