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Hobbies and Interests

Strathclyde Parkour & Freerunning Society

for fans for Parkour


Aims and Objectives

To establish a welcoming community for those intersted in beginning Parkour, and provide easy ways for thoses poeple to get involved and learn something new.


To provide an eveironmebnt in which proctitioners of all level can progress in a safe an controlled manner, whilst also offering the chance to learn fro more experienced traceurs.


To increase awareness of parkour and introduce the sport to people who have little prior experience.

Calligraphy Society

For students interested in calligraphy

     Club Aim 1: To
promote penmanship

     Club Aim 2: To
make calligraphy a more widespread hobby

     Club Aim 3: to
help de-stress from our hectic lives

Strathclyde Brewing

Contact Email: 
For students interested in Brewing

Aims and Objectives


To provide students with the knowledge and confidence to be able to brew their own beer.

To make a platform for Strathclyde brewers to exchange ideas and socialise with like minded people

To put on events to engage more strathclyde students with brewing

Slackline Society

A club for students interested in slacklining

Aims and Objectives


To promote the sport of slacklining

To promote health and well being in our members

To teach safe and responsible slackline techniques

Bodyweight Training Society

For students interested in Bodyweight Training

Aims and Objectives


To promore a health and fitness culture in the University

To help introduce bodyweight based training to those who are new to the concept

To work with existing sports clubs and their members to improve their necessary skills

Live Poets Society

Contact Email: 
A club for fan sof poetry


Aims and Objectives

The club aims to encourage members to contribute to the discussion of poetry, not just the reading but also the writing of poetry.  Members will be encouraged to share and discuss their work, given creative yet constructive feedback and give members the confidence to continue writing


The club aims to create a safe, non-judgemental environment for writers/poets where they are not judged, discriminated against, and are welcome to come along to share and discuss their work.



Contact Email: 
For fans of skate boarding

Aims and Objectives

StrathSkate aims to bring all board riders together, creating a beautiful skating community.  We aim to bring together people of who share the same interests

StrathSkate aims to help the progression of skaters in Strathclyde and also help in the progression of other board sports

StrathSkate aims to promote outside activities in Strathclyde. We will do all kinds of skatinglike downhill, street, park and cruising.

Strathclyde Whovian Society

Contact Email: 
A club for Dr Who fans

Aims and Objectives

To help students who are studying at Strathclyde and are Doctor Who fans to meet other people who share an interest in the BBC show.

To allow Doctor Who fans to get together and watch the show together and enjoy it even more.

To provide the opportunity for members to socialise and chat about Doctor Who and discuss the show, as well as general socialising and friend making

Enterprise Society

Contact Email: 
For enterprising students


Aims and Objectives


  • Allows students to come together and enhance their entrepreneurial mindset
  • Helping build student networks for future employment
  • Have fun and get to meet people with the same interests as you

Strathclyde Vegan Society

A group for Vegans and Vegetarians

We welcome all who have even only considered a plant-based diet and an ethical cruelty-free life style. Become a member for only £1 and receive advice, support and access to organised fun and educational events.

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