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Hong Kong Society (SUHKS)

Contact Email: 
A group to promote Hong Kong culture

Welcome to the SHKS web page!

Strathclyde University Chamber Choir

Music - Chamber Choir

Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, usually in the James Weir Assembly Hall.

Strathclyde University Symphony Orchestra

Music - Orchestra

Strathclyde University Orchestra is open to all string, woodwind, percussion and brass players.  We play a variety of classical music, and always welcome suggestions!

We are an open, friendly group - and no auditions are required!  Also, if you would like to come along but don't have your own intrument, get in touch as the university has a number instruments available for students to borrow.

We meet on Tuesday evenings, 5-7pm, in the Royal College Assembly Hall (RC471)

For more information please email us or visit our facebook page.

Strathclyde University Chorus

Chorus Section of Music Society

Do you think singing should be FUN?

If you enjoy singing and want to be part of a friendly, non-audition choir, Strathclyde University Chorus could be the choir for you.

SUC offers fun group-singing featuring familiar songs and some more challenging pieces - Sing Gospel, African, Scottish, Songs from the Shows and Pop - we enjoy all styles. You don't have to be able to read music to take part.


Tuesdays, 5pm-7pm, 3rd floor, Royal collage building (RC345) 

Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society

Contact Email: 
For anyone with an interest in roleplaying

Ever heard of Dungeons & Dragons? Ever interested in playing tabletop role-playing games like it? Well that's what we do here at Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society.

At the society we run RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and D20 Modern, etc. We also encourage people to run such games, whether they are experienced or not. Many members of the society are adept at playing and can offer help to those who need it, so don't worry if your a novice at this.

The Gist

Science/Media Group


Aims and Objectives


Produce and maintain a science communication website.

Produce a science communication magazine.

Engage the public in scientific research both locally and internationaly.


For more information or to join this club please contact; editor@the-gist.org

University of Strathclyde Investment Society

Contact Email: 
Become a virtual trader on bullbearings.com



The University of Strathclyde Investment Society has the following aims and missions;


Educational - The Socity encourages students to take part in virtual trading competitions.  This is a great opportunity for students to get hands on experience in investing and trading without the risk of losing money. Tutorial videos are also provided to speed up the learning process. Ultimately the societies primary objective is to raise aware of prudent investment and trading practices and the nature of equity markets in the student community.

Strathclyde Anime Society

For students interested in anime and manga or just wanting to see what all the fuss is about!

Strathclyde Anime Society (SAS) We watch stuff and talk too much, join us!

This semster (2016) we are watching:


Love Live! School Idol Project

Black Lagoon

University of Strathclyde Motorsport (USM)

Contact Email: 
for students interested in motorsport


Aims & Objectives:

  1. To improve the knowledge and performance of the University of Strathclyde Motorsport Team by building a racing car

For more information or to join this club please contact; usm@strath.ac.uk

Students For Malawi

Students interested in building on long-standing links with Malawi


Strathclyde Students for Malawi is a students society of the charitable organisation 'Students for Malawi'. The main aims of the society are to fundraise for amazing projects in Malawi, raise awareness and run campaigns to give students the chance to take part in the 'Students for Malawi' International Volunteer programme.

Through 'Students for Malawi' we will be fundraising for the following groups;



emPower Chisitu

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