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IEEE IAS-PELS Strathclye SB Chapter

Contact Email: 
a club for IEEE students


Aims and Objectives

DMEM Research Society

Contact Email: 
For Postgrad DMEM students


Aims and Objectives

To provide a community for DMEM PGR students in the DMEM Department to share information and experiences as part of the same research society and create a sense of community with the staff.

To organise social events

To organise on a regular basis research presentations named biscuit box to allow students to discuss common issues and present findings

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) Strathclyde

Contact Email: 
A club for naval architects and marine engineers


Aims and Objectives


  • Have a bank account for approprate financial control between department, sponsors and students
  • Professional body linked to SNAME Western Europe and department of NAOME to provide professional development towards receiving professional qualification

  • Organise events relating to the above.

Speech Therapists At Strathclyde

A club for speech therapy students



Aims and Objectives


To raise awareness of the Giving Voice Campaign

To poster SLT cross year interaction and cooperation

Strathclyde Telegraph

Student Newspaper

Strathclyde Telegraph

The student newspaper, Strathclyde Telegraph is edited, written and produced by students for students at Strathclyde. It aims to report on the activities of Union groups and elected officers and in so doing inform Strathclyde students about their Union as well as topics of wider concern and national significance. Crucially it also gives any Strathclyde student the opportunity to “do” journalism in the creative and research sense as well as learning how a newspaper operates.
What do Strathclyde Telegraph volunteers do?

Strathclyde Pharmacy Society

Course society for Pharmacy Students

Hong Kong Society (SUHKS)

Contact Email: 
A group to promote Hong Kong culture

Welcome to the SHKS web page!

Postgraduate Society

Contact Email: 
Social group for all Postgraduate Students

The Postgraduate Society is a social group for all  postgraduates at Strathclyde. This is your opportunity to meet other postgraduate students from across the university. We hold regular social events throughout the year (all 12 months!) with our highlight of the year being our week long Postgraduate Festival during June.

Strathclyde University Naval Architecture Society (SUNAS)

Contact Email: 
For people with an interest in Naval Architecture

We'll hopefully have a new website up and running in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, if you're interested in joining, please email our membership coordinator, Sam Naylor, at samuel.naylor@strath.ac.uk 


As soon as the site is up and running we'll drop you all an email!


Aims & Objectives

University of Strathclyde Investment Society

Contact Email: 
Become a virtual trader on bullbearings.com



The University of Strathclyde Investment Society has the following aims and missions;


Educational - The Socity encourages students to take part in virtual trading competitions.  This is a great opportunity for students to get hands on experience in investing and trading without the risk of losing money. Tutorial videos are also provided to speed up the learning process. Ultimately the societies primary objective is to raise aware of prudent investment and trading practices and the nature of equity markets in the student community.

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