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Faith and Culture

Saudi Society

For any Saudi students

Club Aim 1: To represent the Saudi students in the university

     Club Aim 2: To create social events

     Club Aim 3: To network with other societies where possible

Thai Society

for any Thai students

     Club Aim 1: For help and support Thai's students in Glasgow.

     Club Aim 2: Support Thai's student in activities.

     Club Aim 3: To consult in living in Glasgow for Thai's students

     who study in Glasgow.

Strathclyde Indian Students Association

Contact Email: 
A club for Indian students or those interested in indian culture.

Aims and Objectives


To provide a voice fo indian students at Strathclyde to express their ideas and thoughts

To host social and academic events (e.g. Indian Culture Day Bollywood Nights) to create a stronger sense of community between Indian students at Strathclyde.

Improve cross-faculty collaboration within the Indian student community at Strathclyde

African Caribbean Society

Contact Email: 
A club for all African Students


Aims and Objectives

Uniting all African students on campus - For socialising and fun

To seek and pursue the welfare and well being of all African Students at Strathclyde University and helping members to settle into students life in Scotland

Inviting successful business men and women over to our meeting to encouragement and inspiration

The Greek and Cypriot Society of Strathclyde

A club for all Greek or Cypriot Students

Greek & Cypriot Society Logo

Aims and Objectives

We will help the Greek and Cypriot students get acustomed to the new and demanding environment by organising events with the specific purpose of guiding the Greek and Cypriot Freshers and exchange students in order to have a successful academic career

Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) Strathclyde

Contact Email: 
A group for Pentecostal students

A warm welcome to Pentecost Students and Associates  - PENSA Strathclyde.

PENSA Strathclyde creates an atmosphere whereby students will feel comfortable to worship in their unique style as Pentecostals.

Students have the opportunity to worship together, encourage each other in a spiritual setting, interact/socialise with colleagues and foster mutual relationship by caring for each other.

Our doors are open to all students .


  A friendly welcome awaits you.

Nigerian Society

A group for Nigerian Students

Aims and Objectives

A community of Nigerian students and staff promoting Nigeria and its culture (music food dance and fashion)and other studetns and staff from other nationalities interested in knowing about Nigeria and interact with Nigerians.

To assist Nigerian Students in settling down to life in Glasgow and studying at the University of Strathclyde. Hence enhancing their academic performatnce and experience of Scotland

Strathclyde Nordic Society

A society for Nordic students



Aims and Objectives

  • To connect people together from the Nordic countries
  • Introduce Nordic cultures to Scottish members
  • Develop intercultural relations amoung Strathclyde students

Strathclyde Portuguese Society

Contact Email: 
A cultural club for those who are Portuguese or those interested in Portuguese Culture.

Aims and Objectives:

Strathclyde University Turkish Student Association

Contact Email: 
A cultural club for those who are Turkish or interested in Turkish culture


Aims and Objectives


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