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Teaching Excellence Awards 2015

Now in its sixth year, the Teaching Excellence Awards (or TEAs for short) continues to recognise those lecturers and tutors at Strathclyde who inspire us and stimulate our learning. They provide the students in their classes with intellectually challenging experiences in an innovative and supportive environment. They are exemplary teachers who actively engage students in the learning process and foster a learning community. They think of us, the students, as much more than just a number or line in their job description that they have to fulfil, but as an individual.

Below are some videos and information about last year's event, but if you want to nominate for 2015, then head on over to our nominations page now!


2015 TEA Categories

Most Supportive

  • Awarded to the teacher who shows an exceptional commitment to student welfare and personal development.
  • The teacher goes out of their way to help support students through difficulties with their course, so that the student can have an enjoyable learning experience. 
  • This award aims to recognise academics in a counsellor/pastoral role. 

Most Enthusiastic

  • Awarded to the teacher who demonstrates enthusiasm about their particular subject, creating an exciting and inspiring learning environment for students. 
  • Their enthusiasm and passion for their subject encourages students to seek out further learning.
  • Offers intellectually challenging experiences to students which are deemed enjoyable. 

Most Innovative

  • Awarded to the teacher who uses innovative methods to enhance the teaching of their subject.
  • Uses new methods to enhance student interaction/engagement, helping make the topic or subject make sense to students or to engage their interest. 

The nominations that you submit for any of these categories will also be taken into consideration for one of the four 'Teacher of the Faculty' or 'Best Overall' awards!

Teacher of the Faculty & Best Overall

  • Awarded to the teacher who shows outstanding commitment to both teaching and learning.
  • The teacher goes beyond the normal duties of a teacher to help deliver an enhanced learning experience to students. 
  • Includes: being helpful, passionate, fun, engaging, knowledgeable, available, approachable, supportive, clear, encouraging, interesting, enthusiastic, understanding, and is able to tailor their approach to each individual student. 

All recognised lecturers will receive a certificate of nomination with a quote from students about what make them so excellent. A panel of students and staff of the university will make a shortlist of those nominations that exemplify the most enthusiastic, the most innovative, the most supportive and the best overall teacher with the winners presented with an award at the Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony on Thursday the 14th of May 2015.

The awards foster the Strathclyde university sense of community pride and raises the profile of teaching amongst staff and students. Moreover, it shows that students are truly appreciative of staff that goes the extra mile to not just teach but to teach supportively, passionately and effectively.

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TEAs Welcome Video

...and the winners are

Best Overall Winner – John Levine

Shortlisted – John Murphy, Amanda Corrigan, Michael Marck, Kevin Pilkington, Lizann Bonnar & Gillian MacIntyre

Nomination Video

Winner is... Video

Most Enthusiastic Winner – Gian-Luca Oppo

Shortlisted – Rune Graulund, Phil Taylor & Lesley Waddell 

 Nomination Video

Winner is... Video

Most Innovative Winner – Duncan Smeed

Shortlisted – Peter Cormack, Peter Davidson, Michael Harker & David Morrice

Nomination Video

Winner is... Video

Most Supportive Winner – Nigel Langford

Shortlisted – David Clelland, Paul Hoskisson, Charles Knapp & Geri Smyth

Nomination Video

Winner is... Video

Best In Faculty Business Winner – Paul Ferri

Shortlisted – Michael Harker & Hilary Kane

Nomination Video

Winner is... Video

Best In Faculty HaSS Winner – Gillian MacIntyre

Shortlisted – Lizann Bonnar & Allan McGroarty

Nomination Video

Winner is... Video

Best In Faculty Science Winner – John Murphy

Shortlisted – John Levine & Owain Milligan

Nomination Video


Winner is.... Video

Best In Faculty Engineering Winner – Mike Murray

Shortlisted – William Nicholls & Ian Taylor

Winner is... Video


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