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Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards

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Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards

So who won? Check out the photos and the winners' list here.

The Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards is your chance to show the University what we, as students, consider to be good teaching, support and to celebrate those lecturers and staff that make their class, course and Strathclyde special.

Last year saw the introduction of the Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards and was a fantastic success in its inaugural year with over 300 nominations and was well received by the academic community as a very personal achievement by individual teachers. 

This year we're making it better. Based upon the comments from students nominating and what they valued of our lecturers, USSA has expanded this years awards from 2 to 5.

How does it work?

Nominations are open to all Strathclyde students to nominate their lecturers. After nominations close, a panel made of students and staff will meet and agree a short-list for each category. A case study is then conducted of the candidates and after which the panel will decide a winner. Finally, all the shortlisted staff and their nominating students will have the chance to attend the Awards Ceremony, where the winners will be announced.

Note: Nominations are judged on quality rather than quantity. Any student can nominate as many lecturers as they wish.

The Categories:

Overall Best Teacher
  • Given to the Teacher who shows outstanding commitment to Teaching & Learning 

  • Goes beyond the normal duties of a lecturer to help deliver an enhanced learning experience

  • Includes: Innovative ways of teaching, providing excellent and prompt feedback, being available and creating an academic community
Teacher in Supporting Role
  • Aims to recognise academics in a counsellor/pastoral role

  • Awarded to staff who show an exceptional commitment to student welfare and personal development

Innovative Teacher
  • Given to the teacher/tutors who use innovative methods to enhance the teaching of their subject 

  • Use of new methods to enhance student interaction/engagement, help make a topic or subject make sense to students or to engage their interest in the subject

Passion for the Subject
  • Given to the teacher who demonstrates enthusiasm about their particular subject, creating an exciting and inspiring environment for students

  • Engages students in the teacher’s subject by motivating them to learn and get involved in the content

Useful Learning Award
  • Given to the teacher who goes beyond the call of duty to provide a useful and constructive learning experience

  • Listens to students’ views and incorporates this into teaching.

  • Provides exceptional feedback to students which is both timely and informative


The Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Awards have been made possible due to the ongoing support of:

Higher Education Academy


The University of Strathclyde

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