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Question The Candidates for Glasgow Central when they Come to the Union on Tuesday 20th April


Vote For Students...?

NUS has launched its Vote for Students campaign, in anticipation of the General Election, which is likely to be called for May 6th. This campaign is in response to the Browne Review in England, which is looking at the level of University tuition fees. Currently set around £3000, current consensus is that they will be raised to around £7000, with a possibility that they will reach £15000. This would have students leaving University with unprecedented levels of debt; more than double the current level, which is already unacceptable.

This will clearly have an adverse impact on the funding of Scottish Universities, relative to their English counterparts, and will force the Scottish Government to look at how we are funded, with the outcome inevitably being less money in already emptying student pockets. It may also lead to a talent drain, as the best lecturers will depart for better paid posts in England.

To stop this from happening, NUS is seeking to apply pressure to sitting MPs, and prospective MPs, by getting them to sign a pledge promising that they will vote against any proposal before the next parliament, which seeks to raise the level of top-up fees. These candidates will have the benefit of the student vote at election time. However, for this to taken seriously, students need to register to vote in greater numbers than they have in the recent past.

Register to Vote

Vote For Students

We need you to REGISTER TO VOTE, get your friends to register, and help us out in our voter registration drives across campus. As this happens in Universities and Colleges up and down the country, the size and power of the student vote will become apparent, and those candidates who wish to get elected will be forced to listen.

We will have voter registration stations around campus between now and the end of April. Make sure you don't miss out on your chance to vote in the General Election. You can also register online at: www.aboutmyvote.co.uk


The General Election

The funding review which will determine the future shape of higher education will not report until after the forthcoming General Election. With a strong business representation on the review group there are early indications that they will advocate an increase in fees, and a removal of the cap. In order to protect future students’ interests we will need to apply pressure to candidates and political parties who will be sitting in parliament when any future legislation is tabled.

The upcoming election will be one of the least predictable that we have seen in many years. Many pundits are talking seriously about the prospect of a hung parliament and a huge turnover of MPs is expected. These conditions make this is the best time to influence prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) and MPs on the issue of higher education funding. Students represent a significant proportion of the electorate in a number of constituencies.

Nationally students compose 15% of the electorate but are traditionally a low participation group in elections. As a result of low participation rates student issues are often neglected and NUS’ bargaining power is undermined. In 2005 many ‘university’ seats changed hands, and students were widely believed to have been the determining factor. In many marginal constituencies the impact of lots of a students voting could swing the election result for that seat making us a key target for PPCs; increasing the influence that we can have at this time. This General Election is a real opportunity for the student movement and those concerned about the future of higher education to get commitments from candidates seeking students’ votes.


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