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We Can All Bleed Maroon

“In the UK, gay and bisexual men are not allowed to donate blood if they have had sex with a man within 12 months; this rule also applies to anyone who has had sex with a man who sleeps with men.  Strathclyde LGBT+ believes that these rules, which are in place to supposedly protect the public from diseases like HIV, are simply homophobic.  All blood donations are screened before use to ensure they are disease-free, so these old fashioned views that blood from gay or bisexual men is somehow tainted is offensive.  Hopefully, this campaign will help raise awareness, support, and bring us one more step closer to changing donation rules.  In the meantime, I would like anyone who can give blood to donate on behalf of those in the LGBT+ community who are currently excluded.”

Rhea Livesey, Campaigns Manager, Strathclyde's LGBT+ Society 


Join the 'We Can All Bleed Maroon' campaign and show your support for LGBT+ students who are banned from giving blood due to their sexuality.  The ethos of this campaign is not new and organisations who take a similar stance include Stonewall, The National AIDs Trust and NUS LGBT+ UK.  In the past gay and bisexual men were entirely banned from giving blood, that has been reduced to if they have had sex with a man in last 12 months but USSA LGBT+, along with other organisations, believes that this still isn't good enough and still discriminates against their members.  Please support the campaign but completing the webform below and showing your support to the campaign.  


For more information and contact details please visit the LGBT+ page and their Inclusive Strathclyde University Now (iSUN) now page.  As part of this campaign we will be hosting an information session by The Terrence Higgins Trust, if you would like more details please email and someone from the LGBT+ will send you an update once everything is confirmed.


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