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When & Where Are Your Exams

There is nothing worse than being fully prepared from an exam to only ruin all of that preparation by realising at the last minute that you're not sure where you're going or turning up at the wrong place.  You'll simply stress yourself out and feel flustered before you've even started!


Exam Timetable

You can check your finalised exam timetable on Pegasus from the 4th November 2016.  It is also available on the Strathclyde App so that you can always have it handy.  You should check it regularly as there can be changes or a change to a venue. 


Know Where You're Going!

Every year there is someone running across campus because they're in the Barony Bar rather than the Barony Hall!  Don't be that person!  Know where you're going, plan how you're getting there and make sure that your travel plans will give you plenty time to allow for any unexpected delays.  Use this handy information to make sure you know exactly where you're going.


Still got questions?

The University has produced a Frequently Asked Questions which should cover any lingering queries.  If there are still things you need to know or want to discuss get in touch with our advice team.

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